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Artemis Networks' pCell Promises Fast LTE for All

samedi 22 février 2014

Artemis Networks today revealed pCell, or personal cell, technology that lets LTE device owners experience full-speed 4G even on congested cellular sites. According to Artemis, standard cell sites waste capacity by avoiding interference with neighboring cells. pCell technology uses the interference to its advantage, combining transmitted radio signals from multiple pCell base stations to synthesize tiny cells of wireless energy around each mobile device. Artemis claims that its technology gives each smartphone user on a given cell access to the full LTE speed of that cell, no matter how many other people are using it. The technology works with off-the-shelf consumer devices, such as the Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4. In areas where pCells aren't available, the technology hands the devices off to the standard cell. Artemis is currently trialling the technology in San Francisco and is willing to license pCell to wireless network operators. It believes pCells will be effective in high-traffic, high-congestion areas, or spots where network operators want to bolster their network without using more expensive solutions. Artemis expects the first deployments to start before the end of the year.

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